A Keys Landmark

7 Mile Bridge Tour

20 Minutes
$165 / person
Includes: restroom, lounge room, and complimentary waters
An exciting flight over the infamous 7 Mile Bridge! It connects Knight’s Key to Little Duck Key. This flight also includes Pigeon Key and Moser Channel. You will get a bird’s eye view of both the remarkable old and modern bridge. Excellent views of aquamarine water and both bridges!

Spectacular Aerial Views

Breeze the Keys with Keys Helicopter Tours. We are a family-run business made for families to enjoy the beautiful sights that the Florida Keys have to offer. Keys Helicopter Tours is the premier provider for helicopter sightseeing tours. Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction with a memorable experience full of spectacular aerial views, a history of the keys, and incredible wildlife sightings. Fly over the beautiful beaches, reefs, 7 Mile Bridge, turtles, dolphins, manatees, sharks, rays, and so much more in a Robinson R66. It is a safe and comfortable helicopter that seats five and is equipped with AC and autopilot. You won’t be disappointed.

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*There is a 300lb weight limit per seat. The maximum weight the helicopter can carry in total between the four passengers is 750 lbs.